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At Kuhn Construction, Inc., remodeling is our specialty. We've served the Long Island, NY area since 1986 so you can see how serious we are about making your home safe, comfortable & attractive.
Our 20 Point assessment will give you an actionable evaluation of your home's condition so you'll know about any risk factors & be able to take care of them before they cause major problems.

What's In the 20 Point Audit?

"Your audit will cover the entire interior and exterior of your home. We'll check on the condition of your home from every angle to see if there are any areas of concern. Once again, this exclusive offer from Kuhn Construction, Inc. won't cost you a dime. My team and I will give you a detailed 20 Point Home Systems Audit complete with a written report for you to keep for you own records."

 ~ Jeff Kuhn ~ President ~ Kuhn Construction, Inc.

"From design through construction and completion, Kuhn Construction handled all aspects efficiently, diligently and with great quality. I was especially impressed not only with the quality of the work, but with the professionalism and courteousness of all the employees and subcontractors. Communication through their basecamp website was especially helpful, since questions regarding the work were immediately directed to the responsible person, and response time to those questions were outstanding. We are very happy with the way the work was done and the results of that work. I would highly recommend Kuhn Construction to anyone who may be thinking of any renovation."

Werner K. - Syosset, NY

About Jeff Kuhn
President of Kuhn Construction, Inc.

Jeff Kuhn took a leave of absence from teaching high school English in 1986 when he began taking jobs in roofing and siding. What started out as side jobs became a business and then a full-fledged career, as Kuhn Construction, Inc. was born. Jeff never went back to his teaching job, but he also never stopped learning.

Today Jeff takes pride in helping homeowners accomplish their dream homes on Long Island, NY, focusing on improving kitchens, baths, basements, and even whole homes, with designs done primarily by his in-house staff.

About Kuhn Construction, Inc.'s Services

Homeowners across Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens rely on Kuhn Construction, Inc. for incredible design / build services that can literally transform homes. Kuhn Construction, Inc. has been a trusted source of kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and other home improvement services since 1986. The company has the skills to upgrade every inch of your home, from finishing your basement to replacing your roof, and even add to it with stunning additions. With Kuhn, one call does it all!

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